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"Yeah you know, i have a baby face."

    "Yeah you know, i have a baby face."

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    uggghhh hoommmeeee

    why does this happen every time

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    my mom told me that in high school she use to get boyfriends at the beginning of February so they had enough time to get her a valentines day gift and then break up with them the day after and just keep the gift and one day she told her parents about it and they made her keep her boyfriend at least until the end of February and so she did and that boy is now my dad

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    leaving home after break never seems like it’ll be a hard thing to do until the last day actually comes

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    I’m at that point in a semester where if a car hit me, I’d probably say thank you to the kind stranger

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    @Anonymous "Hey! I got accepted to Wellesley and I'm pretty excited :) How do you feel about the social life on campus and the relationship with other colleges in the area? I visited Wellesley during spring break so I wasn't able to get a good sense of the community."

    ahhh congratulations! this seems like such a copout answer, but it’s honestly what you make of it. babson and olin are extremely close, but there are a couple of stigmas attached to them, so most people who like to go out, go to MIT, BU, and harvard. if you are super outgoing and down to party right off the bat, or if you have friends at those schools, it’ll be easy to meet people there and actually be friends with them. otherwise, it’ll take some time. first you’ll only really be meeting guys at parties, but as you develop relationships on campus, the chances of you meeting someone who will introduce to people at those schools is higher. 

    i really like the social life on campus, but that’s because i really like to be social, but strongly believe that social life is not the same as party life. i’m still a first-year, but i already feel like i have a pretty solid social life here at wellesley, so here’s a list of some simple but extremely important things i would recommend that you do while you’re here:

    • during orientation, go to as many events as you can, and go around and introduce yourself to people. you might not end up being bffs with most (or any) of these people, but having people who konw who you are and vice versa is a great way to establish a friendly environment for yourself at wellesley. 
    • during your first few weeks at wellesley, get familiar with the people who live in your dorm. you’re guaranteed to make at least one friend who will have your back if you need someone to have dinner with or stay up late with you or if you just want to talk to someone when you’re bored.
    • join house council. you don’t have to be an official member, but even if you go a couple of times a month, you’re good. not only do you get to know what’s actually happening around you, but it’s a great way to meet upperclass(wo)men and again, to integrate yourself in the community. 
    • get off campus. it’s a good idea to know how to get off campus in the beginning of the year, so that when you need to do it later (and you will need to do it later), you know what you’re doing and where you might want to go. this might mean going to a party, going to a museum, or just wandering around cambridge or boston.
    • JOIN A BUNCH OF ORGS. i cannot stress the importance of this one. orgs are how you are going to meet most of your friends, and my recommendation is to join as many as you can at the beginning of the year, then slowly weed yourself out of the ones that you don’t want to be in. it’s a great way to meet and find a place and time on campus to do something you really like or care about. 
    • go to all the society open teas first semester. there is soooo much stigma around societies on campus, and i am telling you first hand that you cannot believe anything you hear. anyone who knows me will tell you that i am the last person to fill the “society-girl” description, but teaing was one of the best decisions of my life. you can’t tea first semester, but come to the open teas anyway, it’ll give you a better sense of the people, the societies, and what you might want to do for your second semester, when you actually can tea. honestly, i went to the teas as a favor to a friend, and i thought a lot of bad things about the society i tead, but meeting all the people turned me around completely. everyone is insanely sweet and super interesting, and it doesn’t take a long time to figure out that a lot of the bad rumors that go around about how awful hazing is and how judgmental society girls are is simply not true
    • you have to remember that making friends is a natural process. about 99% of the people i’ve talked to say they didn’t meet their best friends until they were sophomores. don’t feel pressured to have a bff as soon as you get here. come october, you’ll be surprised at how many people you’ve met and how close you’ve grown to certain people. 
    • that being said, you have to make an effort. make sure you’re not completely lost in trying to stay friends with people back home. schedule lunches with people. hell, i remember having lunch with someone i had talked to only on tumblr before coming to wellesley, and that was super fun! make a rule for yourself that limits how much time you’re going to spend in your room alone.

     the community at wellesley is really great, but i can’t stress enough that it’s what you make of it!

    feel free to ask if you want me to elaborate on anything in particular, or if you have any questions about specific orgs/types of orgs, or anything else about wellesley in general!

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    i think it’s so neat that everyone develops their own unique handwriting even though we’re all taught to write our letters the same way really it’s so cool

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    @Anonymous "hi! I just got waitlisted and I haven't been this bummed out in forever :/ I have to admit, I really did think I had a decent chance but I guess not anymore. I was just wondering - how much stuff do you think I should send to Wellesley? Like just one email, or would they mind if I send more?"

    hey there!

    my best advice would be to exercise reason with whatever you send. i think you should send them a letter/email that basically professes your love for wellesley, and why you, as a unique individual, belong there. try not to look at the list of 100 things when you do this, because when people do that, it shows a lot of times. maybe talk about specific organizations or traditions on campus that create the kind of space you want to grow up in for the next four years, and talk not only about what you would get from going to wellesley, but also about what you would give to the wellesley community. 

    after that, i wouldn’t keep sending letters (unless you engage in actual correspondence with someone). if you’re a musician, maybe send a couple of recordings of your playing, or if you’re an athlete and you’ve recently broken some records, send them those reports or something. i applied early decision last year, but i remember that i had an article published in a local paper, and i just sent it to them in an email like a week before decisions came out. just little things to show that that you genuinely want to be at wellesley, but don’t overdo it. 

    lastly, IF you can, come down for the spring open campus, or some other date sometime soon to talk to people on campus and in the admissions office. make personal connections, because people really appreciate that and remember you for it - i was at the admissions office pretty recently and was shocked when one of the people at the front desks remembered me from the couple of times i had visited wellesley before i applied. 

    i hope this helps! please feel free to ask any other questions you might have!

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